Why is my Website not Bringing me Money!

The number one question people always ask me about their website has to do with money: where is it!?

This is an admirable question.  I totally understand it, however, the better question is, how are YOU using your website to bring in that money.

If you aren’t directing traffic to your website in ANY way, this is reason #1.  I’m not telling every business owner to spend hundreds, even thousands on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but are you representing your business at local trade shows?  Networking events? Is is on your business card?

There are a lot of options to get people to your website organically, but your website also needs to direct these hungry customers to their food source.

Give your website the 5 second test.  If YOU looking at your own site as a consumer, can’t find your:

1. mission statement (what is your site about)

2. How do I hear more/sign up or

3. Why do I care?

If these questions aren’t answered, your website isn’t converting prospects into customers.  It’s like being a sales agent.  You can go out to all the networking events, talk up a big game, set up 1 on 1s, and bring in the prospects.  However, 100 prospects does not equal $1 in your pocket if you don’t have a way to convert them into CUSTOMERS!

In short, drive traffic to your website, either through SEO, networking events, or just talking about how awesome your site is.  Once they’re there, keep them interested!  Don’t make them read a book, your home page should be the synopsis of the book so they know what chapter they want to read first.


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